Pursuing Passion

I have been passionate about Interior Design and Styling since before I  understood it could be a career. Riffling through fabric samples, and swatching paint colors brings me more joy and satisfaction than it should. Designing homes and businesses that reflect my client’s style and leaves them satisfied is such a fulfilling feeling.

As of May 1st 2017 I am self-employed, I am absolutely excited and hopeful about what this decision will bring into my life. I am also completely terrified, leaving a ‘guaranteed income source’ and entering the freelance world is a big risk, but one I have to take if I am ever going to find out if I can, in

Perched at one of the cutest restaurants in town; While We Were Young

fact be this girlboss, business woman, shentrepreneur I have always thought I am.

I have struggled to carve out time to focus on building my interior design business and brand. My 9-5 was quickly becoming my life. Hours were getting longer and longer. Demands becoming greater and greater, as was the stress. While I consider myself resilient and motivated, it is difficult to continually pour yourself into something you are not passionate about.

I am looking forward to working around the clock on projects that matter, spending time with inspiring people and finally putting my passion front and center. I am sure the work will be difficult, but I am certain it will be worth it every step of the way.

They say to live a good life you have to do what you love. So here I am.