Form + Function: Bathroom Storage

When it comes to a home that feels designed and curated, it is all in the details. Adding personality when it comes to things as simple as how you store your bathroom toiletries can have a real impact on how your space feels. Be intentional, I always ask these two questions. 1. Is it functional and organized? 2. Does it look good?

The Essentials

The first step in getting organized in both the bathroom and the kitchen often involves taking items out of their packaging. Getting items out of their original packaging allows you to store them in a way that is easily accessible, uniform and maybe most important, beautiful!

We all have items like cotton swabs, cotton pads and floss sticks in our bathroom. We need to access them everyday so it is important that they are stored within reach.

When choosing your containers you can go the traditional route and purchase items specifically created to store these items, or my personal favorite, use things you already have around the house.

Stackable glass containers
Stackable glass containers

This stackable glass container set from Target is ideal for open surfaces. It consolidates while separating your items. You can clearly see what is where, while taking up minimal counter space and keeping all your items dust free.

Empty Diptyque Jars
Empty Diptyque Jars

If you know me, you know I used to have a very slight obsession with Diptyque candles. I kept a few of the empty jars around because I love the classic packaging. These fit perfecting in most bathroom mirror cabinets and have the added bonus of being recycled! Yay for producing less waste.

Crystal Glasses

Lastly, these beautiful crystal glasses were a gift from one of my colleagues, meant for cognac and brandy, which I rarely drink. There are gorgeous but weren’t getting much use. I decided to try them out for bathroom storage, they are yet another pretty option.


All of these work well because they are see through and take up less space than the original packaging.

Crystal Glass Set Bathroom
Crystal Glassware

Diptyque Jars

Whatever you decide to use. Ask your self these two questions : 1. Is it functional and organized? 2. Does it look good?

Please share your favorite bathroom storage ideas in the comments.

First Impressions

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 3.39.00 AM
First Impressions

When it comes to creating high impact design in a home, it all begins in the entryway. I often refer to the entry as the face of an apartment. It is the first thing people see when they enter, and it really set the tone.

Most of my design clients live in apartments, whether they rent or own, they usually face a similar challenge, creating a grand entrance in a small entry.

As I often say, space may be limited but design doesn’t have to be. Here are three small entryways I designed, that offer high impact and consume minimal space. They are both functional and beautiful.

Traditional & Romantic

Wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to set an entry apart from the space it flows into. Wallpaper helps to define the space while providing great impact. If you are renting or just afraid to commit, there are plenty of temporary solutions. Some more temporary than others. This Beige and gold peony wallpaper, pictured above, is peel and stick. And the black and white trellis wallpaper below is self-adhering and easily strippable.


If floor space is limited in an entry, use wall space instead. Floating shelves offer a place to throw keys and mail as you enter, without taking up precious floor space. Hooks for keys, coats and handbags, help keep you organized in tight quarters


Petite Manhattan Bedroom


When you start off with a bedroom that is barely 60 sqft, and doesn’t have a closet you might be tempted to call in a twin bed, or worse yet, a futon. In the case of this Manhattan junior one bedroom, after some planning and careful measuring, we were able to fit a full bed, a night stand and a full wardrobe!

Because we were dealing with a very small room, I didn’t want to overwhelm the entire space with color. I opted for a blush tone and only painted six feet of the 9 foot wall.To add lighting without taking up valuable real estate, I perched these two wall lamps from Ikea on the wall with an adhesive cord cover from Home DepotAdding different textures and patterns while keeping the colors in the same neutral family, allowed us to add plenty of style to the room without making the small space too busy.

A full size headboard and bed were just the right size for the room. The gold faux bamboo nightstand/ side table from Target provides a great place3 for books and additional lighting without taking up to much visual space. Anytime you can see through a piece of furniture, it feels less heavy, and lends to an airy and light look in the space.

Injecting personal, sentimental belongings into a design help to make a house really feel like home. Including this dream catcher by the side of the bed, not only added an additional element of style, but also made for a more peaceful night.

By removing the full size door and adding a french bi-fold door in it’s place, we were able to clear enough room to build a custom  Ikea Pax wardrobe to house all those wonderful shoes.